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Trispec Services


Welder Qualifications


Welder Performance Qualification

TRISPEC has the ability to write procedures, and test and qualify welders on a variety of samples with the use of tensile pulls, bend tests and ultrasonics whether on-site or at the office. Our CWI's can also provide oversight of the welder to ensure all practices and procedures are followed according to your company's requirements.

Weld Test Bender
Hand Pump Bender
Tensile Tester


Coating Inspection

Our inspectors are responsible for performing and documenting basic and non-destructive inspections of liquid coatings applied by brush, roller or spray to steel surfaces when working in a shop or field setting. NACE is an internationally recognized organization that provides certified training to a variety of industries. All of our coating inspectors combine NACE certification alongside CWI certification to ensure top-quality oversight on any size project.



Magnetic Flux Leakage

MFL uses powerful magnets to magnetize the conductive material that's being tested. Where there are corrosion or material loss defects, the magnetic field will leak from the steel. MFL probes incorporate a magnetic detector placed between the poles of the magnet where it can detect the leakage field. During inspection, a magnetic "circuit" forms between the part and the probe. The magnetic field induced in the part saturates it until it can no longer hold any more flux. The flux overflows and leaks out of the pipe wall and strategically placed sensors can accurately measure the three-dimensional vector of the leakage field.

MFL Floor Scanning

Vacuum Box

Leak Testing

Vacuum Box testing utilizes a bubble-leak method to locate leaks in lap welds, butt welds, shell to annular welds, piping systems, pressure vessels, tank bottoms, and seamed pipe in pipelines. A vacuum box and a compressor create a high or low pressure vacuum while a detergent solution is applied to the test area.

Vaccuum Box
Bubble Leak Testing


Tank Entry Supervisor

A certified TES is essential for any projects requiring entry into vessels, tanks, oversize piping, boilers, etc. A supervisor is responsible for air quality monitoring, entry and exit logs, and the overall safety of all persons working in the confined space. TRISPEC TES's are fully trained and capable to handle almost any project.



Material Hardness Testing

 Hardness testing enables you to evaluate a material's properties, such as strength, ductility and wear resistance, which can help determine whether a material or material treatment is suitable for the purpose you require.


Site Safety


The site safety coordinator allows companies to utilize a 3rd-party to oversee on-site compliance of any safety regulations set by any of the following:

  • Site Owner

  • Asset Owner

  • Lead Contractor

  • TRISPEC Safety Program

NACE Coating
Tank Entry Supervisor
Vacuum Box
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