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Trispec Services




Internal Corrosion Mapping

Highlights of ICM:

  • 100% elbow coverage

  • Longitudinal scanning

  • Instant, accurate results

  • Works on 2" OD up-to flat plate

  • High-resolution data

  • Environmentally safe

Internal Corrosion Mapping (ICM) detects degradation of metallic structures which can have a variety of causal factors and can display itself in many different ways. Corrosion inspection procedures evaluate the remaining wall thickness or the presence of mid-wall anomalies in pipework, pressure vessels or any metallic structure. By utilizing the latest technology from Olympus, the FlexoFORM Scanner has the ability to inspect a variety of configurations. Anything from a 2" OD pipe to a 16" 90° elbow can be captured in a fraction of the time compared to older technology; even with 100% coverage in most instances.

Vessel Corrosion Mapping
corrosion mapping of a pipe elbow with olympus flexoform
AUT Corrosion Scanning


Corrosion Under Insulation

Highlights of CUI:

  • Inspect through thick metal and insulation

  • Save on insulation removal costs

  • Real-time imaging for instant results

  • One-touch automated reporting

  • Range of application-specific probes

  • Fast data acquisition

A method which maps material thickness using ultrasonic or eddy current techniques. Variations in material thickness due to corrosion internally or externally underneath insulation can be identified and graphically portrayed.


Our CUI services have the ability to scan through thick insulation, as well as aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel weather jackets. It also benefits from a range of PEC-Array, single-element PEC, and application-specific probes to support various applications.

corrosion under isulation inspection with eddyfi pec array
isolated corrosion under insulation inspection
Corrosion Overlay
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