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Trispec Xray Services


Radiographic Testing

Radiography is used to test a variety of metallic and nonmetallic materials, such as welds, forgings castings, fabrications and critical assemblies.  Radiography can find discontinuities that are not detectable by other surface methods.

Xray RT Dark Room

RT Highlights

  • Compatible with most materials.

  • Provides permanent visual record of the tested object.

  • Reveals discontinuities within materials.

  • Allows for inspection of the internal structure of many components without having to dis-assemble.

  • Reveals assembly errors.


  • Informational internal pictures.

  • Locating broken or missing internal components.

  • Wall thicknesses of intricate components unable to be UT tested.

  • Locating pig-bars inside T-fittings.

  • Check the depth of threaded components (nipples, Torfittings, bolts, etc.)

  • Orientation verification of internal components.

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